Is Thumb Sucking Dangerous To Your Child’s Oral Health? [VIDEO]

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It is common for parents to wonder whether it is bad for kids to be sucking their thumbs or fingers. Lots of households have at least one “thumb-sucker” and we at Grandview Corners Dental and Wellness Centre in Surrey are here to set the record straight about the problems that arise from thumb sucking.

The big question is, should you worry about your child if they are sucking their thumb? For the most part, there is nothing to worry about. Thumb sucking is completely natural for most children, making them feel secure and content and even being quite relaxing for them. This habit is something that most kids can easily grow out of when they hit the ages of two to four.

However, thumb sucking does become a problem when your child continues to suck their thumb after they’ve received their permanent teeth (usually around the ages of four to six). This habit can become quite problematic at this point, causing pressure inside their mouth and preventing teeth from growing or aligning properly.

If you think that thumb sucking is becoming a problem for your child, contact the dental team at Grandview Corners Dental and Wellness Centre in Surrey and we can evaluate what’s happening and give you some helpful tips on how your child can stop this habit.

Click here for a helpful video about thumb sucking and what you can do to discourage it.




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